The Consumer

We have contacted the Manufacture’s, Distributors, and Installed Consumers to not only get the technical background of your stairlift. But who is installing this equipment is very important as well.

There are some manufactures that sell Self Install Stairlifts. This is not recommended check AEMA REPORT at

We have qualified and screened the Distributors for you. So you know that the company calling you is from Stairlift Reports By Consumers inquiry. Has a (5) ***** Rating for installation and taking care of you 100% after the Stairlift has been installed.

One major complaint consumers have encountered. Are that consumers cannot get in contact after the sale. Using Stairlift Reports by Consumers assists you in not have that problem ever.

Stairlifts Reports by Consumers: Would like you to see some of the satisfied families who went through our site to find an approved vendor or company to place the right equipment without the worries of. "Is this company competent to do the job"

Customers who have purchased through Stairlifts Reports by Consumers enjoy telling their story to help another and taking their pictures. These days you have to be careful there is so much fraud, price gouging, buying equipment and getting something different, there are companies who will sell you a stairlift and say they install.

But call your local handyman to install for a few hundred dollars and has never installed nor is he certified to install this type of equipment. And this list could go on from all the testimonials we have been sent. We are here to protect you from these worries.

If you have a story you want us to hear email us at

Take Care Friend,
Jennifer Thornton
Reporter Analyst