Stannah Stairlift

Indoor Straight, Outdoor Straight, Indoor Curved 2018-2020 HIGH COST

Is a British family owned business based in England, and have been making all types of lifts since 1867 and stairlifts from 1975. Exporting of Stairlift began in 1975.

Leslie Stannah started the stairlift industry and has since perfected it. If you are looking for a Stairlift that has it all and looks elegant in the home Stannah is a perfect choice. Their stairlifts a well made and the leader in the industry selling well over 500,000 worldwide.

Stannah Stairlifs received the Best UK Manufacturing and Engineering Award in 2003. Stannah is rated the Best Stairlift made worldwide.

Here in the USA Stannah now since 2015 they have changed their dealer network they use to only set up dealers who were verified and working in the industry. Now they have just filled the market with as many dealers as possible. Which a high number of them do not have the experience to install stairlifts or have the proper knowledge. With so many dealers it is causing some pricing issue so that a dealer can make enough to keep it running. So beware you may purchase and then find out they are no where to be found when a service is needed.

When you are visited for a Stairlift Consultation, they will provide you with a written, fixed quotation that is clear and easy to understand.

Stannah Stairlifts costs is higher then the running mates due to so many dealers running to the customer.

They are so proud of the quality of their stairlifts they offer a complete 2 year warranty and life time on the motor and gearbox. No insurance is required to be carried by any dealer which can be a problem if something goes wrong.