How long do they carry a warranty?

  • Best stairlifts brands carry 2 years, some carry 1 year. Be careful some are only parts only!

What happens if there is a power outage?

  • Stairlifts made today! Have batteries so you will be able to travel some without power to the home.

Can all companies make a curved stairlift for stairs that turn?

  • No! If you are need a curve stairlift for the home. Make sure you are getting a blue print drawing from which the curved stairlift is made from. For the investment why wouldn’t have it fit as snug as possible.

Can anyone install a stairlift?

  • No, this is not recommended always use a certified trained installer for the safety of your loved ones.

Do companies buy back stairlifts when there is no longer a need?

  • There is only one company that we found and that is Stannah Stairlifts.

What do you recommend if I want to do research myself?

  • Google the brand of stairlift you like. If the company is reputable they will show.

Are stairlifts safe?

  • Very safe.